04 June 2006


I am cancelling my Netflix account, in other news. I am fed up with them. They are taking longer and longer to receive and send movies, which makes my plan ($9.99/mo.) make no monetary sense, and I've had to report two DVDs damaged already since January. I had to quit watching Everything is Illuminated a quarter of the way through because, well, it stopped. And that is a terrible movie to have die on you, because it's so wonderful. It stopped right after the glorious potato scene that was so wonderful and had me laughing five minutes afterwards.

It shouldn't take longer to receive and ship. There is a branch right here in Richmond. And shouldn't they inspect movies once they receive them? I know that you can't always tell if a scratch will make a difference when trying to play a DVD, but I received Coffee and Cigarettes earlier in the year completely cracked. I doubt the mail guys do this.

I am considering switching to the Blockbuster mail service. Even though they are one of those "huge corporations" who can decide to not carry a title if they simply don't feel like it (example - Some Kind of Monster). But, at least if I get a damaged movie, I can drive to Blockbuster and get a replacement. right?
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