07 June 2006

science balancing culture balancing science

My father sent me to the Phylotaxis web site because he thought the web design was good. I agree, but fell in love more with the content.

The phylotaxis shape is a cousin of the Fibonacci Sequence, and can be found on the seeds on the flat head of a sunflower, pine cones and the position of leaves on a plant stem.

The concept of the shape here applies to how science and culture interact with each other and balance each other out. If culture did not have science, it would be an uncontrollable explosion of chaos. If science did not have culture to balance it out, everything would become "dry and predictable".

The actual Phylotaxis on the site is constantly changing and evolving. It scours the web for news stories of current events and uses the images of science-related events mixed with the images of culturally relevant events. The shape is in constant movement (Brownian motion), dynamically evolving as culture does.

Forgive me if a lot of what I just wrote sounds just like what the web site explains. I'm still trying to wrap my head around this concept.
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