07 September 2006

Big Brother

We were tossing this article around at Naked this week and talking about how utterly creepy it is. In short, Google is working on software that can "watch" you through your computer's built-in microphone, picking up what you're listening to, what you're watching, what you're talking about, when your phone rings, etc. The software "identifies it, using fingerprinting, and then shows you relevant content, whether that's adverts or search results, or a chat room on the subject."

So this might happen - In a few months, Google will hear that I'm listening to Blonde Redhead while the Food Network is playing in the background and my roommate and I are talking about a party we're going to together. All of a sudden I might get a promotional e-mail from Music Today or Pitchfork Media, a popup coupon for Sur La Table, and drink tickets to Don Hills in a Myspace message. Will this sort of customized messaging replace any other types of strategies? Will the emotional card be irrelevant? Will Epic 2014 become scarily accurate?

(Not to mention that I'm typing this from an account with a brand that Google owns. while checking my Gmail.)
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