08 September 2006

the eighth

Twenty-four years ago today, I was born. It's been a wonderful day so far.

01. phone calls from parents and loved ones
02. a cute Myspace message (+ several comments)
03. a touching e-mail
04. new shoes from parents (white hightop Chucks)
05. happy flowers sent to Naked from parents


06. beautiful weather in SoHo
07. a delicious salad from Aroma
08. a published article in Mediapost (to hit on the 25th)
09. very cute gifts from my best friend from the Adcenter
10. a dinner from Jamie tonight
11. having this job in general (and being able to come here)
12. a steady stream of interesting things to do
13. reading Seth Godin's top ten ways to defend the status quo list and knowing that we will never run into any of these here
14. bread with tea (that Leila keeps making for me!), which reminds me of a favorite line from The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock ("...before the taking of toast and tea")


15. A ticket to Wired's NextFest
16. Nakeders singing to me with a flourless cake from Balthazar and sparkling wine

Thank you to everyone that was even remotely responsible!
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