22 September 2006


Happy is what I am right now. It's only 9.50am and I'm on 4.5 hours of sleep (I need at least 8 to fell normal), but I'm in that kind of optimistic mood where a million things are swimming around in my head and I feel like Kurt Vonnegut because I hop around from topic to topic. For instance, I feel compelled to say that I have a problem with liquids + my technology. It's weird that I'm not more careful because I think of my technology as my own children. But... last September, there was a coffee disaster with Stella, my 14" iBook. I performed all the emergency procedures, and she is fine now. Incidence two - last week I accidentally dunked an earbud into my tea. Incidence three - just now, the USB portion of my digital camera connector fell into my cereal bowl. But I could only laugh at the absurdity of it all, because I'm so happy.

sources of joy -

1. I live in NY doing what I love more than anything.
2. I'm working at my dream job, which was written up in the Washington Post today - on the front page of the Business section. I will copy and paste the relevant paragraphs below, for those of you who don't have a (free) password.
3. I went to likemind this morning (where I met many blogfriends for the first time), and there will probably be photos up on blogs from that. I am also going to write a separate entry about this later.
4. Chuck's fiancée is today's NY Daily Candy (I work with Chuck; he came from working for Russell Simmons at Def Jam)!
5. I met someone at likemind this morning who overheard me lamenting about my snapped LIVESTRONG bracelet, and he took his own bracelet off of his arm and gave it to me!

I like multiples of five. hi. good morning.

The article exerpt -

"NEW YORK To see the future of the advertising industry, climb the stairs of the three-story walk-up on Greene Street in SoHo to the U.S. headquarters of London's Naked Communications. There, you'll find 15 or so young people -- a Scot, a South African, a Brit and some Americans -- sitting around a long, wooden table, working on laptops or talking quietly on cellphones as rock music plays in the background.

They have all worked at some of the world's top ad agencies. But at Naked, none of them is working on advertising.

They are researching business problems presented to them by Sony, Coca-Cola, Johnson & Johnson, Nokia and Comcast and coming up with innovative solutions. The fixes might involve TV spots or print ads, but those are likely to be handled by one of the more traditional ad agencies. Just as likely, the repair strategies will involve changes in store design, employee training or product packaging; the creation of a computer game built around a product; or the launch of a buzz-marketing campaign using MySpace or YouTube.

Naked's premise is simple: If you go to a coal company looking for an energy supply, you'll get coal as the recommended solution. It's the same with most advertising agencies, which rarely meet a marketing problem that cannot be solved or a sales goal that cannot be met by a TV and radio campaign supported by direct marketing, some pop-up ads on Web sites and a bit of public relations. It's what they do, the way they are organized and how they make their money.

Because Naked has nothing invested in any particular solution and nothing to gain by telling its clients to spend more rather than less, its pitch is that it can offer the least-biased, most-cost-effective solutions. The message resonates with companies dissatisfied by the payoff from traditional advertising."

The rest goes on to talk about R/GA (my 2nd choice agency when I was job hunting)
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