22 September 2006


I actually clicked on a web-based ad. It was at the bottom of the Vice Magazine email that I get every so often.

The link took me to Radar, a way to instantly share camera phone photos with loved ones, electronically. What a brilliant idea. "What else is a camera phone for?," they reason. Visit the site - it's short and really well designed.

From their (parent?) site, Tiny Pictures: Mobile phones are the real personal computers: always-on always-with-you connections to the people in your life, and now they have cameras. And the cameraphone is not just more-convenient photography, it's a way to share and stay in touch. It's an evolution of the tools but a revolution in how we use them.

What's missing is the software that enables it all, and that's what we've built.

It seems fascinating. I want to sign, up, but wonder if it will cost anything. I can see Verizon getting a lot of money out of me via transferring these to the Internet all the time. Does anybody know more? I am really fascinated.
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