31 October 2006


Dylan Trees instant messaged me today, demanding a blog update. So here I am, making one. He told me that I would move down on his list of read-blogs! I often feel guilty about not updating every day. Sometimes I make five posts in one day because my mind won't stop, and other times I don't think I am interesting enough. Still other times, I am simply too busy and don't have the time. Last week I worked something like 65 hours!

Speaking of last week (at least I think it was last week), I hung out with Noah, and we were talking about how stressful it is when we don't feel we're updating enough, but that we're the only ones who bring the stress upon ourselves. Maybe Dylan Trees IMing me today is a unique case, because I can't conceive of anybody noticing when I don't post.

Happy Halloween, guys. The photo is of what the young man and I are going to dress up as tonight: Noodle and 2D from Gorillaz.
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