19 October 2006

Let's have a debate.

Okay. Account Planners. Are they born, or are they made?

I was always of the opinion that we are born. naturally always curious (preferably a wide-eyed, childlike curiosity), intuitive, hungry for stuff, anything, good at distilling thoughts down and telling stories. Yes, at a place like Adcenter (or an agency) you can refine these skills and guide them in a wonderful direction, but I don't think you can just pluck anybody off the street and teach them how to be a planner.

A friend of mine disagrees. This all started when they told me that I cannot call someone who is still in school for planning an account planner - they are only a wannabe planner (wow) until they are hired and can officially hold that title somewhere. They said that the same goes for actors - you can't call yourself an actor unless you have had a gig first.

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