13 November 2006

Leila cooks for us.

Leila cooks for us.
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This time - around Thanksgiving and the holidays - is so busy! I have almost complete run over one of our accounts, and in the past two weeks I got put on two more. I am so excited because I love these three brands. However, I have to be careful about balancing with other stuff. Hopefully I'll squeeze time in to see some shows, go to the MoMA (I'm a member now - one of the best values I've ever encountered and a new post has to be written about this), visit some parks to see the changing leaves, etc. I'm already making a huge effort to get everything done while I'm here, because it has become my habit to finish my work from home, sometimes well into the night.

Everything evens out in the end, though. As if this stuff weren't its own reward, Leila decided to cook for us tonight! Mountains and mountains of Indian food that I have been craving for months. Home made. In our kitchen. Boy oh boy am I excited and happy to be a part of this family.
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