12 November 2006

Naked party and Russell coffee

I have a lot to talk about. Mostly, 1. the Naked launch party, and 2. coffee morning today.

First things first, the Naked launch party. It was a complete success. The location was wonderful, as were the food, drinks and company. As per the invite, we buried the traditional marketing model. I think I can better tell the story in photos.

I was very happy to see so many familiar faces there: clients, friends, both roommates and every blogger that I invited (and I recommend that you put all of their blogs on your feed reader: Noah, Piers, Michael and Jack)! As if I don't feel this every day already, I was so thankful to be able to be a part of the Naked family that night.

Okay, moving onto coffee morning. It was organized by Russell Davies, as he had been in New York for a week. It was at 'sNice, where Likemind is held every month. Several people came, including the aforementioned blog friends, and some new faces that I was very happy to meet (including Chet of YPulse!). There was a great overall dialogue about favorite NY spots, Flickr groups, applying the Brazilian restaurant model to life (specifically meetings, but I'll let Noah blog about that one), people we knew in common, literature (I really want to read Steps to the Ecology of the Mind now) and wonderful web sites we must all check out. I love the sharing of ideas and treasured spots.

Speaking of, my best friend from Adcenter, Nicole, just got a ZoomCloud for her blog and mentioned that she was copying me. I told her that today there is no more copying - only sharing. If only the world viewed things in this way, she responded. But in this case, it's really true. I was certainly not the first blogger to use ZoomClouds, and I won't be the last. All of this wonderful stuff is out there for everybody to discover and share and contribute to. Open source at its finest.

Over two hours after coffee morning started, the last five or so of us were kicked out for monopolizing the table. We'll plan to have a little subgroup of coffee mornings, which of course anybody can attend as well. It seems like we live for and feed off of this stuff. Here is a photo of three of us outside, sharing an apparent love for yellow.

[Ciaran, myself and Noah]
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