13 December 2006


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I just spent a couple of days in Chicago. I had only been here once before, and it was in the spring of 2005 when I was a skittish little nervous Chihuahua in search of an internship. This time, I really could take the time to look around and appreciate things. This city is beautiful. Some of the architecture reminds me of Europe. I think the water running through parts of the city help with this too.

I got to have lunch at a great Indian restaurant called Klay Oven with Stacy Thomas, the person who introduced me to planning in the summer of 2003. I feel eternally grateful to her about this, and even still she tells me to call her if I have any dumb questions about the industry and starting a career (of which I have many). It is wonderful to catch up with people who have moved away. I also had a burrito with my friend Jim, with whom I went to Adcenter.

Clay (exitcreative.net) took me to the coolest coffee shop in Wicker Park called Filter. It was huge! I don't know where this place could possibly exist /fit in New York. There was a definite vibe to it, everyone immersed in their own thing (studying, writing, MacBooking), collectively. alone yet with a million people. It was nice. And just look at that tea - geez, it's all in the details. It vaguely reminds me of an Eastern aesthetic.

So. Chicago and New York. Chicago is more spread out, much cleaner and seemed to be louder (how is this possible?). The train system seems to be easier to figure out than the MTA, and the trains themselves are smaller and (bringing up volume again) MUCH louder. The platforms seemed to be neater /cleaner too.

There is a definite vibe and feeling of culture that I get from this city. I like it a lot. I can't really articulate what it is, though. Anyone want to help me here?
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