31 March 2006

I like to surround myself with people like this.

"you know what would be awesome that i just thought of? real life tetris. we should make that. where people wear blocks and float down on harnesses and are in big teams." - Laura


I love her not only because she dedicated a post to me, and not only because she's my best friend here, but most of all : because she dedicated this post to me. It shows what a good planner SHE could be! Look at her. Knowing how to move me like this. If her post were an ad, I'd buy product X. But, just to clarify, she's a copywriter. a great one. hire her. now. hire her. six figures. hi. hire. her.


I knew walking into Kroger that I wanted cherry preserves.

I don't even think I have to explain why I chose this jar.

30 March 2006

Apple vs. Apple

Has anybody been reading the news about Apple Corps suing Apple Computer?

Apparently they signed some kind of contract in 1991 that agrees on each company's usage of the name and imagery for their respective brands. Apple Corps somehow thinks that iTunes is a violation of this agreement, and they are suing for damages of undisclosed amounts.

I guess Apple Corps didn't want Apple Computers to get into anything music-related, since the former is a record label. But clearly, all iTunes does is sell music owned by other artists and record labels, while protecting all copyrights and giving us superior sound quality.

Apple Computer's lawyer said that "any moron in a hurry" would be able to tell the difference between the two brands. heh. Apple Computer distributes files for us; they are obviously not in music production.

"The agreement says Apple Computer can 'deliver' music as long as it isn't in physical form." (WSJ) Last I checked, you couldn't reach out and touch a digital music file.

Now, no Beatles music is available on iTunes. Considering iTunes's surge of success and firm place in cultures around the world today, that seems like Apple Corps's loss to me.

29 March 2006

Brand Week

Wendy's announced that they were releasing three new salads this week. The headline of the article was "eat more greens." I was very ready to go in tomorrow and try one of them. But after reading the article, I fear that the salads may just have more calories than one of their grilled chicken sandwiches. Has anybody seen Super Size Me?

28 March 2006

food and drink

There is a little French place in Boca Raton (where my parents live) called Monet Café. They have this amazing little special of a sandwich with side salad for lunch. Their glasses don't match. Their coffee is delicious and hot. Lots of sunlight comes in. I went there a lot when I spent 3 weeks there over the winter. My favorite was the heated brie sandwich on lightly-toasted baguette. It was so good. I would love to be able to eat that tomorrow. Lots of sunlight is essential.

I almost was able to. I tried planning a surprise flight to visit them for this weekend, but tickets started at $417. I sometimes hate the Richmond airport.

I'll have to improvise and find another place with lots of light.

unrelated - I just made cocoa spice tea with whipped cream instead of milk. It is... I can't even describe it. SO good. I put a small amount of whipped cream and a packet of sugar in the bottom of the mug, and THEN poured hot water over the tea bag. It is so much more amazing than skim milk. Jamie gave me the idea. Oh, and I recommend the tea as well.

cultural differences with brands

I've been thinking about Asia for as long as I can remember. It could partially be because I have never met my Japanese relatives in Nagasaki (I am 1/8 Japanese). It could also be because my mother was born in Shanghai and hasn't been back since the age of 3, and constantly longs to go back. I saw the Shanghai skyline in an ad in an airport once, and it was beautiful.

My biggest longing is to go to Tokyo, though. When I was a little girl, my grandmother showed me a movie called Tokyo Pop. It had Carol Burnett's daughter in it. It was the cutest movie. I have never tired of cartoons. I have toys all over my apartment. My favorite concert of 2005 was Puffy Ami Yumi. I was Super Milk-Chan for Halloween last year. My home page on Safari is Tokyo street fashion photography. pinepinepine.

I've sometimes had slight thoughts of going to Tokyo for my first job in planning.

This was when I was still too idealistic, I think. I don't think it would be smart now to start out studying cultures in a place where the culture is so foreign to me. I should get the knack of "planning in the real world" first, I think.

One of my favorite parts about planning is the relationships that people have with brands, and the personalities that they often attribute to brands (I loved archetypally branding The Gap last year, loved The Hero With A Thousand Faces, etc.).

I found out a couple of nights ago that people in Eastern cultures may not even see brands in this way. I read the Cultural Differences in Brand Appeal paper on brandchannel... they used Hello Kitty as an example for most of it, since both East and West is very familiar with her. Here, apparently, people see her as representing friendship, community, happiness. Apparently in Japan (for example), brands aren't thought of in terms of personalities at all. Hello Kitty is very prominent because of the importance that is placed on conformity, since Eastern cultures are more collectivist. bummer! Another reseacher in the article, however, disagrees a little - she says that in outward situations, Easter cultures can be like this and see brands in this way, but in their own personal lives - "in terms of the private sphere, Japanese highly value ideals around freedom, self-expression, and uniqueness—things they have difficulty expressing in work and educational structures."

A lot to swallow. fascinating, but maybe I should stick with ...not going farther than, say, Europe when I first start out ^.^

27 March 2006

EBCB please

Even though I have never had it, I am craving some EBCB (eggs bacon chips and beans) right now. Russell Davies has an entire blog dedicated to it. Apparently it runs rampant in every single diner in London. It seems so absolutely delicious. And I just know it's good. I would love to have something like that tonight (an all-nighter).


I like toys, and surround myself with them. Maybe it's the bright colors. Maybe it's the personalities each of them seem to have. They just make me smile.

my school bag

the top of a mini book shelf

a friend

among others

22 March 2006


I just Googled "sur la table" and came across this piece of art. How interesting. A study on mannerisms and placing of things around a dinner table. I think it would be fun to study behaviors and cultural differences of eating.

speaking of pianos,

I bought one today! My parents called me while I was in NY (all last week - I'll update about that too), saying they put money in my account for my graduation present.

I went to Guitar Center today, and bought a deliciously beautiful Casio Privia PX310. 88 weighted keys. She sounds SO real! Yes, it's a girl. Yes, I named her Astrid. So far, I have played a lot of French music (Yann Tiersen) and some vampire music (Toccata and Fugue in D Minor by JSBach). I am ecstatic. She is Powerbook silver. 88 keys!!!

Richmond and introversion.

A new friend of mine (whom I met through this blog, actually) asked me how I felt about Richmond. This is my sixth year here. Here is what I said:

it's a very love/hate thing. i am ready for something bigger, and the social aspect of richmond is so small that everyone knows everybody's everything. i hate that part of it. but i love the tiny art feel, like the indie coffee shops and galleries and free wireless is everywhere, lots of artsy bohemian type undergrads walking around. so, richmond is treating me well right now, bc i am mostly an introvert.

This surprised him. probably because I'm so chatty.

well, i straddle the fine line between the two, really. but when given a choice between a situation with many people, and being alone, i'll most likely choose the latter. i like pondering things and taking pictures and playing piano and playing on the internet and writing. i am an only child, so i grew up entertaining myself all the time. i guess i still enjoy this. don't get me wrong, when i am in ny i go to dance parties all the time! but i LOVE coming back to quiet.

great balance = great life, to me.

09 March 2006


I found this today (you can click on it to read if it's too teeny). It's from the beginning of my third semester.

There is a rumor that Adcenter kids are idealistic.

No, we don't have that much experience in the industry. We haven't been in it long enough (for the most part). So what can we do?


02 March 2006


For someone who loves everything sensory and loves the richness of things - the comlex layers of a song, the lights and colors in beautiful cinematography, the different textures of cashmere and leather, the blend of sweet (chocolate) with salty (pretzels) - synesthesia must be wonderful. Is it a bothersome disorder to anyone who is... "afflicted?" My favorite parts of coloring books or poems or stories... the parts relating to food. piles of sweaters. senses. tangerine trees and marmalade skies. kaleidescope eyes. sawdust restaurants with oyster shells. burgers lined up on a grill like brown polka dots. Imagine hearing colors or tasting music. or smelling shapes. It must be wonderful. yellow cocktail parties. If only one could control the types of hallucinations they could experience on LSD. There's a magazine put out especially for synesthetes. I got all excited when I heard about it, thinking it would contain fun things for them. Like "look! Here's a blue square - dessert!" Sadly, it's filled with articles and journals and such. oh well. It's nice to dream. about everything.

references for those who love these kinds of descriptions as much as I:
- "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds," The Beatles
- The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock, TS Eliot
- The Great Gatsby, F Scott Fitzgerald
- The Elephant Vanishes, Murakami
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