09 February 2007

stories to sell Tuscan Whole Milk

I have been meaning to write about this for two months! But for whatever reasons, I constantly got distracted. So some of you have probably already seen /heard about this, but it still makes me smile, so here we go.

Back in December, a friend of mine urged me to read the reviews for Tuscan Whole Milk on Amazon.com. He told me that it was unlike anything he had ever seen. I looked it up, and for whatever reason, everybody has - instead of writing reviews - written fantastical stories about Tuscan Whole Milk and how it has affected their lives.

Here are a few:

...it has changed my life. My once bald head is now covered in thick, Fabio-like hair, my impotence is cured, I no longer have vertigo, dementia, incontinence, ringing ears, depression, psychosis, post-nasal drip, explosive diarrhea, herpes, or the plague.

...As I was pouring the Tuscan Whole Milk 128 FL Oz, I sneezed and several drops of this elixir dropped on to the pile of dirt next to me. Within seconds a zombie burst forth from the ground and he immediately took the milk from me and drank the rest.

...Open [sic] opening it, rainbows shot out. It was good milk otherwise.

There are 903 reviews as of now. I would love to sit down on a freezing weekend and read through all of them. Interesting how great sotrytelling can make people want to buy a product more than a real review. That might have to do with the fact that this is a low involvement purchase, but still.
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