21 March 2007

happy birthday

Today is my piano's first birthday. I got her as an early graduation present last year, and since then Astrid has vastly improved my quality of life. My playing has almost strictly been limited to Yann Tiersen and my own music (I haven't written too much, so let's just say Yann Tiersen). She traveled with me from my apartment to temporary housing in Richmond; and a long one-way road trip last August to New York. She is now firmly in her third home in Brooklyn, and she will stay there for a while.

I'm in the middle of learning a song called La Chute (by, guess who), and it hurts my arms. so difficult /tricky. But I'll get it soon. Regrettably, I cannot bake one cupcake for each of Astrid's speakers tonight, like I had hoped. My schedule this week is pretty crazy. We will celebrate this weekend, though. expect photos.
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