21 March 2007

a smart theme

Normally I would react to the new Google Homepage themes with a loud "neat!" and spend several minutes choosing my favorite one. And that would be it. But this is truly great - the themes are dynamic! Here is a screenshot of the one I chose:

Now, see how the sky is purple and it's nighttime? Well, that's because I just took this screenshot, at 9.54pm. When I chose my theme, Google asked me for my zip code, so that the scenery could change along with my actual surroundings. It was pinkish as the sun was setting tonight, and before that it was bright yellow at around lunchtime. I wonder if it reflects the weather as well, and not just the time. Maybe I want another ice storm here in New York just so I can see. The point here is that Google always takes everything a couple of steps farther. I love it.

EDIT | see?! It's the afternoon and it looks like this:

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