26 March 2007

Taxi Driver

My roommate Laura and I watched Taxi Driver last night - we had been meaning to since we first went into Film Noir Video several months ago.

I really liked it a lot. If the whole movie was a photograph, it would have been cross-processed or shot with a lomo. The camera focused on nice things, too. rain on windshields. an analogue cab meter (I want these back). That reverse golden hour of dawn (which made me miss falling asleep at 6.30am). Alka-Seltzer fizzing into a glass of water. Travis's handwriting.

I liked when he read his journal entires out loud. I liked his apartment. I liked his little details, like "I had black coffee and apple pie with a slice of melted yellow cheese. She had coffee and a fruit cup, but she could have ordered anything." I want to try that pie-with-cheese thing, I think I would like it. I DO eat toast with cheese and preserves, and I imagine it would be similar. I liked how Iris changed sunglasses in the middle of her breakfast with him.

Travis reminded me of Billy from Buffalo '66 in a lot of ways, and it made me adore him. A little awkward, quick to lie to impress his parents, sincere. I wonder what this archetype is. Not one of the thirteen that I studied. not The Hollow Man either. I guess it's not a global, universal one. maybe unique to our culture. Not sure, but I want to keep thinking about it.
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