15 April 2007

blonde benoit mew

Blonde Benoit Mew is the name of the playlist with the heaviest rotation on my iTunes. It has been this way for at least two months. It consists of three albums. Guess the artists.

Since I haven't updated in a while and I can't seem to come up with anything that seems even remotely smart, I'm going to use this entry to recommend the following three albums:

1 Blonde Redhead | 23. I have been in love with it since Valentine's Day. It was just released last week, so now is the time. The design and construction of the album is beautiful too, so I am going to recommend a CD (or vinyl, my God) over digital here. Really, the design is genius. This is music to drown to.

2 Benoît Pioulard | Précis. I experienced a state schema to the opening track of this album. This guy has a magical voice, he layers beautiful sounds on top of each other, and well, it's transcendent. Shoegaze at its best (mixed with some other things too). The album art looks exactly how the record sounds (the image in this entry). So it sounds like raindrops on a window (or twinkly lights in a forest), basically. Or the feeling that such a scene evokes.

3 Mew | And the Glass Handed Kites. Every single time I have heard an album or a set of songs, I prefer it to anything else by that band that I hear afterwards. Such was not the case for this Mew album. I first heard Frengers, and thought it was the best thing to ever be put together. Nope. This is it. The harmonies, voices and drum beats are impeccable. I also experienced a state schema while listening to this album and riding my new bike.

If you buy one three albums in the next three months, buy these. You won't be disappointed. promise.
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