26 June 2007


I think I have to start admitting publicly that puns make me laugh. I used to hate them because they were SO TERRIBLE and ridiculous, but that is now the reason for why I laugh uncontrollably. The last one of this sort was in reference to the film Exte, a Japanese horror flick showing at the NY Asian Film Festival. Here is the trailer (don't watch it if you're squeamish, it's pretty disgusting).

A line in the synopsis says "These divergent storylines are braided together and come to a head (of hair) in a final showdown between a heroic hairstylist and a hungry hairstyle." Come on. Braided together? Come to a head? There were tears streaming down my face when I read that.

So, now that you know this deeply embarrassing thing about me (I know I'm going to regret this confession about five minutes after I hit "publish post"), you can (maybe) imagine my delight at a recent Ironic Sans entry about The Economist. He writes, "As I was wading through this week’s issue, I realized that whoever writes the headlines (the copy editor, I think) has an interesting sense of humor and a penchant for puns and cultural references." He then lists the best and worst of the most recent issues. My personal favorite:

Article topic: The popularity of the Russian royal family
Headline: Tsarstruck


Okay I have to publish this really quickly before I change my mind. That is all.
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