27 June 2007

Dasepo Naughty Girls

The Korean musical Dasepo Naughty Girls is playing one more time during the NY Asian Film Festival - this Friday [29 June] at 6.50pm. I highly recommend this movie. During the Q&A with director E. J-yong last weekend, I found out that the film was voted one of the worst movies of the year in Korea. How sad! I adored it, and so did everybody else there. When asked about the radical difference between Dasepo Naughty Girls and his previous masterpiece, Untold Scandal, E. J-yong expressed that Dasepo is much more his style. He also told us that we should expect another musical from him soon, similar in campiness level to Grease.

More about the movie. First, watch the trailer:

The movie is exactly how you would expect it to be, based on that. This is what I told one friend...

It was a musical about kinky but very cute schoolchildren. There was a hermaphrodite, a cyclops, a poverty-stricken nerd who became a star overnight via an underground sex den and crossdressing publicist /agent... there was also a sub-plot about a medusa-like monster who tried to become a dragon via doing good deeds (this was a very weird part) in the form of re-virginizing the schoolgirls. I loved it. The colors were wonderful. The girls were cute. The GUYS were cute. It was just... it was great.

The synopsis on the NYAFF site is much more articulate and intelligible than my silly little description here, but you will probably get the gist of it either way. Go see this movie! You'll leave smiling.

I have to start storing my own images.

[This post is dedicated to Charles Frith. Happy Birthday!]
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