28 June 2007

a multiple of five.

I just realized that I posted my thousandth photo on Flickr a couple of weeks ago. It was taken at Fada in Williamsburg, during a delicious brunch with my roommate. It's a cute French place that has an amazing menu and a Django Jam session on Wednesday nights, which we have been amusedly curious about. My caption ("looks almost exactly like World Cup"), visually explained:

Isn't that crazy? It looks like the same place, only slightly remodeled. World Cup is one of the many coffee shops in Richmond, Virginia that I would sit in last summer, spending hours trying to get this job.

Anyway, my point: At around Christmastime, Clay very generously bought me a pro account on Flickr, with the hunch that I would use it a lot more if I didn't have a bandwidth limit. He was right, and I am still grateful. Thank you, Clay! Here is to a thousand more.
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