05 June 2007

the places that just exist.

While I love the endless string of THINGS that happen in New York every day (thus rendering me never-bored), my favorite parts of this fair little city are the ones I can discover that just exist.

Last Saturday I forced myself out of bed and went to Whole Foods with my friend Marc. We got a bunch of things (see photo) and went on an adventure. We rode the 6 train up to 103rd Street. I had never been that far uptown before... I think the highest I had ever been was when I went to Cooper Hewitt for the Design Triennial.

We walked a bit until we got to one of the coolest pairs of art nouveau iron gates I have ever seen. We set up at the tippy top of Central Park and were there for a few hours. Marc drew and took photos, I wrote and took photos and played Tetris on my 1994 Gameboy (had to superglue the screen back on but it still works wonderfully). We both had a feast. Looking around the park at the different groups of people laying around, followed by walking down paths and through little secret-ish gardens was the best thing I've done in a long time. Summer is here (and I have also equipped myself with a brand new air conditioner for it YAY).

So. Lately I have been wondering about where to post what. I have this blog, our new Naked site and four other blogs sprinkled around the Net... what I guess I'll do is post most of my comms/brand-related stuff over on House of Naked from now on. Occasional brand thingies might slip in here and there simply because it's part of my life, but you get the idea.
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