18 September 2007

Heron the blind pimp

I just had a conversation with Heron in our kitchen about my watch. I got it at Air Market; every hour it screams the time at me in Japanese. They had the watches in several different bright colors, and two other languages too (English and German).

screaming Japanese watch!

Heron told me that these Talking watches were originally produced to be sold to blind people, so that they could know what time it was at the push of a button (I can make it talk on command as well). I had no idea! Then he started telling me about a movie (perhaps a TV spot?) he starred in a while ago. He played a blind pimp with one of these Talking watches (plus bling of course). Wait for it to load: it's not a YouTube video (but a .mov)!

Every single topic of conversation seems to bring up a memory in Heron in which he did something far out like this. He's a good guy to have around.

I will update about Brazil as soon as I have everyone else's photos - there are a couple on Kacy's camera that are integral to telling our road-trip-with-scarface story.
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