17 October 2007

I was not pleased.

After buying a concert ticket a few nights ago, I was taken to this message:

this seemed promising.

Well, that's nice. The partnership seems to make a bit of sense. And for once - Ticketmaster doing something nice for me? Even though I didn't really like any of the bands in this sampler, it was free. I clicked on the link, typed in my iTunes password and came to "Sorry, wrong password, try again" or something to that effect. I tried again, and it was wrong again (PS no it wasn't). It told me to call Apple if I couldn't remember my password.

I signed onto AOL with the screen name and password, and I was right: I had the correct password all along. I knew that, because I regularly shop at iTunes (but just wanted to double check that I wasn't out of my mind). So I try to get the free album again, and what happens? Oh yeah, this.


How convenient. Who wants to bet that wasn't an accident. Although on the other hand, Andrew told me that it worked for him and he was able to get the free album. In any case, I was less than pleased, but also not surprised (pretty sad to be unsurprised by a terrible annoyance from a brand, right?). As if I - or anybody else - needed any more reasons to hate Ticketmaster, right (or is it iTunes? or both?)?
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