16 October 2007

Style Wars

On Saturday night I went to Style Wars, put on by House of Diehl.

style wars flyer

Similar to a LVHRD event, Style Wars was a live battle. I think this is a traveling competition that happens in multiple cities globally. There were eight designers (or teams of designers) competing on Saturday night, and each had five minutes to design something on their assigned model, live on stage.
Competitors cut, tear, burn, spray-paint, and otherwise destroy/rebuild clothing, live on models or on people pulled from the audience.

House of Diehl have been all over the world, from supporting Sonic Youth in Europe, to performing to tens of thousands of people alongside Elton John and Versace at the Life Ball in Vienna, to shows at New York's fashion week. [going.com]

Eight got reduced to four, which got reduced to two, and the final showdown revealed the night's winning fashion designer (who got five hundred wonderful dollars). There was a panel of judges to comment and choose their favorites after each round, and the final winners were determined at the end by audience cheering. It was a cool event and experience, even though it was so crowded that my neck hurt by the end from having to crane to see.




I saw a few friends there, including Satish and Vicky (who were lovely line buddies for the hour that we waited outside), Alex, Merlin and Zachary (whom I spent most of the night with down at coat check).


[photos by Bronques @ LastNightsParty]
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