01 November 2007

Flavorpill Halloween

Just a few photos from the Flavorpill Halloween party last night... more creativity with costumes! I was impressed this year.

Ichi the Killer

organ grinder & monkey. As soon as they saw my camera, they started their routine: surly faces and cranking, bouncing monkey, bashing cymbals, it was amazing.


My roommate was Lydia from Beetlejuice. I went as Gogo Yubari from Kill Bill, Volume 1.

Vincent Van Gogh
Lydia & Vincent

Annie Hall - she was perfect. stature and everything. She had the floppy hat on, it's just faded into the background here, and my stupid finger is in the photo.
Annie Hall

Dee Snyder and Slash - both perfect. Slash was unbelievable.
Dee Snyder & Slash

Here's a great one from last weekend: Magritte's Son of Man.
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