05 November 2007


I am about to share something very embarrassing. I wasn't going to post today because I would have been making stuff up, and a couple of really cool things are happening this week so I was going to wait for those. Sanithna (happy birthday!) reminded me of this today though, and I think I have to share. Even though it is very, very embarrassing.

When I was 7 or 8 years-old, my favorite song for about 2 months was called Vuela, Vuela by a boy band called Magneto. I guess they were the other version of Menudo or something. I just searched the video, and well... here it is.

Seeing those dance moves and picturing myself being enamored by these guys in my silly youth... well, I hit the ceiling. About once a week something happens that makes me laugh so hard tears stream down my face. This was this week's. Last week it happened twice though (once because of this and once because of a patio furniture incident).

So, I wonder if these dance moves could ever be brought back. Fashion seems to cycle around a lot but I don't know if there is any hope for this Vuela, Vuela material. anyone?
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