12 November 2007

Fred Flare love.

I don't know why I haven't written about Fred Flare yet, but it's about time. To put it very simply, Fred Flare is an online store full of awesome things. I mean, they have a panda bear skillet.

[click the image to buy]

I don't remember when I first discovered the site, but my first memory of it involves a ridiculous cell phone extension that I bought because I was in a silly and facetious mood almost two years ago.

I'm not just writing this because Fred Flare has great stuff. I'm writing because they give a shit. They give a shit and they love their customers. This rarely happens these days. But when it does happen people are happy, they keep coming back, they can't stop smiling and then they write blog entries.

1. Fred Flare routinely emails with discounts. Whether it be free shipping, 25% off for holiday gift giving or personal little touches, it feels like they're on your side and just want to make people happy with this stuff.

2. I went to pick up an order last spring once (you don't have to pay shipping if you go to their warehouse), and it wasn't ready. They emailed me later in the day apologizing, saying they were shipping it to my house for free and giving me a discount on my next order.

3. A couple of months later, they put me on their blog because they liked a photo I submitted to their "show us your flare" Flickr pool.

Since then I have bought quite a few things and have been consistently pleased.

4. Last month I noticed that they have a weekly cat feature on their blog where they feature their friends' and customers' cat photos. I submitted Kazu Yoshimi and she made it, much to my proud happiness. That's not all though... a few nights ago I got a message on Flickr from Fred Flare, saying that they chose their 20 favorite cats and gave everyone $20. For no reason!

All of this, paired with the holiday discount makes me quite happy. Thank you Fred Flare ♥
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