30 January 2008


My intention for today was to share my February column with you, but the scanner room is currently occupied by a Very Important Phone Call. Instead I will provide entertainment in the form of a HEARTSREVOLUTION video. Heron wrote about HeartsChallenger last summer on our House of Naked site succinctly:
HeartsChallenger is a baby pink specialty truck from L.A. It operates in the same spirit as your typical neighborhood ice cream truck, but comes with some extra goodies. Founder Leyla Safai stocks the truck with rare ice cream brands from around the world, along with products such as Cobrasnake tee shirts, magazines, buttons, various mixtapes including some from her band HeartsRevolution and even toys.
So, a band. That's what HeartsRevolution is. a great band. This type of music (and video) usually has only been seen coming from Europe (namely France), but these guys – as Heron mentioned – are from Los Angeles (EDIT - There seems to be a little bit of confusion... someone commented this morning saying "Actually, the video makers are French : B. Lattanzio, J. Demery, G. Berg (but Latanzio lived a bit in L.A)." but GBH.tv says "This is some seriously slick LA shit (even though it looks like it was filmed in Barcelona or some other European city) being brought to you by two guys named Jean Demery and Bastien Lattanzio". I seem to trust both sources somehow... which will it be?) I saw their video for C.Y.O.A. this morning via GBH.tv and could not stop hitting play. I was excited to be able to understand the screaming Japanese in the beginning. The girl is cute, the colors are bright and the backdrop is the type in which I hope to find myself this weekend.

Enjoy, guys. Put on your silver RBK Customs and start dancing.
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