28 January 2008

year two!

Over the weekend, my blog turned two. I have been thinking about where to go from here. I was pretty set on moving onto a different phase in the form of a Tumblr page because it is my nature to express myself in little bytes moreso than in longer form, which I sometimes feel pressured into with a blog. But then as I was sifting through the past year of entries (to link back to particular ones), I got a little emotional. I don't think I'm ready to stop with Cellar Door yet. Things will probably just continue to be erratic, as always. So, some highlights, yes?


The following seven entries weren't necessarily written between 26 January 2007 and now, but here are the ones that get the most traffic other than my index page (mostly from search keywords):

  • An advantage of living in a small town - people tend to type "advantages of living in a small town" into searches for this one... I guess it's a topic that people think about right before making some sort of big life transition. [link]

  • Versadome - maybe not a lot of people have written about this, making my entry higher on searches and therefore clicked on. [link]

  • Lee Jeans Ads - I think this is because people are perverts and like to Google Terry Richardson. [link]

  • Naked Party and Russell Coffee - about our "Death of the Marketing Model" party in 2006 and meeting Russell Davies for coffee. [link]

  • We are the Hollow Men - presumably because the piece Dylan Trees guest-wrote won a "post of the month" award from Russell's blog... also because it's a brilliant piece of writing. [link]

  • Dasepo Naughty Girls - this one is probably mostly due to perverts as well; the search terms tend to combine the words "schoolgirl," "Korean," "naughty" and "girls" in various ways. This is one of my favorite movies though, so check it out. [link]

  • Heron the blind pimp - pretty straightforward search here: "heron blind pimp." Either lots of people know about this video he made, or... there is some famous pimp out there somewhere who is blind and also named Heron. [link]

  • I have to start storing my own images.

    These next three are the ones I think about over and over again a million times:

  • State schemas - the top top one. It's a phrase I made up; I love talking about them, writing about them and telling other people about them. [link]

  • Typewritten - this one's about analogue v. digital and taking pleasure in rituals (no not that kind, more like steeping tea in a diffuser and the like). I have been thinking about this a lot lately (I recently bought a record player) and want to write about it again but am not sure where to start. [link]

  • Taxi Driver - comparing the protagonists of Taxi Driver & Buffalo '66. I was trying to explore an archetype here but didn't get very far. [link]

  • This one deserves its own paragraph: my food photography project in August. It was a very cool experience even though I wanted to die for most of it. What ended up happening was my friend Jason thought it was neat and wrote about it on Mental Floss. Well, that gave me 700 hits in one day. A couple of months later, his writeup was a side link in a Mental Floss-summarized article on CNN, and I got 500 more! hooray. This thing actually got me a gig submitting my food photos for a new Mental Floss food trivia section, so hooray again! Also I was approached last week about two other photography projects, so you'll be hearing more about these soon.

    week color food set screen grab

    I apparently did a lot of thinking about music & culture, particularly with electronic music:

  • France, France, France. Para One - about music exploding in France and how much more fun they seem to have than the image-conscious hipsters of New York. [link]

  • Remix insanity - self explanatory title, I think. [link]

  • DJs vs. Socialites as the center of attention - related to the France entry. [link]

  • San Francisco and the UK - genre (music & fashion) blending? - also self explanatory. [link]

  • I still feel very attached to the entries I wrote about my Mom and Dad.

    And I still want to partake in this neon aerobics flashmob type of thing I wrote in Hallo Berlin.

    Was that annoying or unnecessary to read? hm. Of course I also met great friends in the past year through this thing, including Tristan (who gives me awesome little electronic musical toys he makes and teaches me how to say things like "I like gummy bears" in Japanese) and Sanithna (who is designing something lovely for me). Hi guys :)

    Thanks for reading, everyone. Yes, even you.
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