29 March 2008

Chelsea garage

Last weekend, my friend Aric took me to Chelsea garage (when he said "Let's go get some junk" I thought he meant "food"). He has goals of filling an entire wall with strange portraits, and I was in a random jewelry and typewriter mood, so this was definitely the place to go.

Huge! I had never been to this place before, but it was FULL of old stuff. Clothes, jewelry, candlesticks, rolling racks, statues, old coins, everything.

My favorite booth/area had a bin full of old photos and postcards, some of them written out to people and stamped (1¢ stamps!). They were of tourist attractions in France, England and the Western U.S. I wonder if those people ever thought that the short notes they wrote to friends and loved ones would end up in a flea market 60 years later, a random 25 year-old girl looking at them and wondering what their lives were like.

Free old photo

I turned around and there was even more - old military hats and helmets, political pins (all from the Nixon campaign) and knives.

military hats

political pins

My favorite favorite part was the camera bin. They had a Kodak Brownie!

Kodak Brownie

Kodak Hawkeye



The guy manning the booth was neat too, full of stories. He wrote his name and number on the back of that old photograph for me. Overall, this was a good way to spend that afternoon. This place probably has the most stories compressed into that amount of space in the whole neighborhood. maybe even city.
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