27 March 2008

Terry Richardson for UNIQLO

This is part 5 in a mini blog series: Smaller Versions Of What I Had Planned. I can't let all of the "to blog" ideas that I had floating around in my head disappear, even if they may be irrelevant by now. Here's a brief rundown of stuff I saw & went to that I had to go back six pages in my Flickr stream to reference.

This might be the last in the series. There are other things on my "to blog" list, but they are not time sensitive (not for another several months, at least). I will probably write some entry skeletons on my slightly-longer-than-usual flight this afternoon.

A couple of months ago, I pulled a Johanna and made a friend via the Internet. Well, a few days after this happened, Joseph showed up at Naked with a present! It's a book full of Terry Richardson photographs that UNIQLO had quite a while ago... I think almost a year ago? (do they still, Joseph?)

thanks Joseph!

It came in a plastic staple-top bag with a tag - cool packaging.

More on Terry for UNIQLO

A t-shirt is more than just a t-shirt. It's an expression of who you are. Where you've been. What you love. And with hundreds of limited edition t-shirts to choose from each year, you'll always find one that says exactly how you feel. That's the UT philosophy.
Nice, eh?

I forgot who mentioned this, but someone told me that he just walked around NY finding people for this book. I recognized three or four from parties and my neighborhood, so that sounds right to me!


Inside again

Thanks again, Joseph :)
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