27 March 2008

Stefan Sagmeister - Things I Have Learned In My Life So Far

This is part 2 in a mini blog series: Smaller Versions Of What I Had Planned. I can't let all of the "to blog" ideas that I had floating around in my head disappear, even if they may be irrelevant by now. Here's a brief rundown of stuff I saw & went to that I had to go back six pages in my Flickr stream to reference.

This was the perfect followup to Design and the Elastic Mind. I went straight from the MoMA to Deitch Projects for the final day of this exhibit. It coincided with Sagmeister's book release, which could be purchased at the gallery. This one was really engaging and visually stimulating, which I definitely needed at the time.

The second I walked in, I thought of Tahiti, which I couldn't really explain since I have never been there (all I know about it are Gaugin's paintings). I realized what it was when I walked to the back room though: a wall completely wallpapered with bananas.

banana wall

main room

Some of the lessons that we saw through his art (he had a series of photographs lined up, each one with a different word on it):

Drugs are fun in the beginning but become a drag later on

- Everything I do always comes back to me
- Starting a charity is surprisingly easy
- Having guts always works out for me
- Drugs are fun in the beginning but become a drag later on

Here was a cool part: dozens of little sketchbooks with hanging pencils. I drew a seahorse in one.

dozens of little sketchbooks

Sadly, I can't recommend this exhibit because it's over. You can buy the book, though.
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