24 April 2008

Ghostly Swim

I know, I know, I know. After a few days there will be dozens of blogs written about this. But I have to. I found out about Ghostly Swim initially through a Twitter of Sanithna's (I was much less cool before I met him, I think). It's a free album of beautiful electronic music brought to you by one of my favorite record labels (Ghostly International) and one of my favorite things on television ([adult swim]).

Keep in mind: this isn't this type of music:

It's dynamic and surprising; I have listened to it twice today and it's very quickly grown on me. The album art is nice, too. It reminds me of late 2004, when I started really listening to this kind of stuff. I only recognized four or five of the artists on here too, which is really exciting.

Check it out and let me know your favorite; I think mine so far is Squirmy Sign Language by Ben Benjamin.
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