18 June 2008

Found in books /your own bookmarks

Last week, I read the most interesting thing on Gothamist... there is a bookstore called Unnameable Books in Williamsburg with a display of assorted things that have been found in used books over the years. "There are postcards, shopping lists, and concert tickets but my favorites are the cryptic notes." For those who can't make it to Unnameable Books, AbeBooks has compiled a list of things found in their books (including printed lists of upcoming surgeries at a hospital). I haven't been so lucky to find anything interesting (or anything at all, really) in used books, do any of you have stories about your own experiences?

What do you use as a bookmark?

Maybe an easier one to answer: What do you use as a bookmark? I've heard about people attaching ribbons to the inside of spines, baseball cards, putting a rubber band around the pages you've read already, etc. What might someone in the future find in a book you sold back?
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