03 June 2008

Looking at things differently

Last week, my friend Michael asked me how I consume media. When blogs came up, I paused and tried to explain my logic for how I group the feeds I read (there is no logic to it). I then started panicking about watching that "unread posts" number creep up every day. Then he said something that changed everything. He recently followed our friend Adrian's advice and organized all feeds into six groups: Daily, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

closeup of feed organization

Imagine that! Taking a step back and removing oneself from the expected (organizing feeds into things like Friends, Marketing, Visual, Frequently-updated, etc.) had never occurred to me before. This works for me because now I only focus on a handful of assorted feeds each day rather than all of them; now everything gets read. Maybe I deal better with organization in the parts of my life that have lots of stimuli attached to them.

This made my life infinitely better.

In either case, this part of my life is now infinitely more lovely, and I have no more stress and "mark all items as read" feed bankruptcy panic. Thank you for this bit of genius, guys.
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