05 June 2008

Untitled, Anonymous

The London office has gone and done something really cool here.

It reads:
How well does creativity function when it has to speak for itself, stripped naked of everything but the expression – no title, no statement, no background?

You are invited to a one-night-only exhibition featuring works where the titles, creators and inspirations will be revealed only after the show has finished.
Faris has written about it on HoN and quoted the two brilliants who thought this up:
We briefed everyone who works at Naked London (the strategists, the creatives, the founding partners, even the cleaning lady) to create a piece of original art to be shown in an exclusive, one-night-only exhibition.
As you read in the image, nothing was titled or attributed to anybody during the one-night-only exhibition. After the event, everything was put up on its own site – Naked Anonymous – where you can click on each piece to see what it's called, who it's by and what it means.

I'm so happy with how this turned out. Ivan was in NY a few weeks ago and I almost bounced off the ceiling when he told me about the project.

I e-mailed him today to congratulate him, and got "I think you should do exactly the same event but beat us by the brilliance of the work." I think we're ready to take on the challenge, right guys?
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