10 June 2008

Snap Shot City

Last Saturday, a few of us got together to compete in Snap-Shot-City, an "urban photographic treasure hunt" competition between NYC and London. Teams got six hours to photographically interpret a list of 20 words and phrases. I was in a team called Tastes Like Couch, organized thankfully by the lovely Faris.

James and Amber bought medieval guys on horses,


The prompts ranged from things like "green" to "a river runs through it," "life in the fast lane," "squares" and "multicultural." I thought that a photo scavenger hunt would be easy in a place like New York, but these words and phrases set themselves up for being interpreted in such predictable ways! That was the point, probably.

stuck in the sidewalk

Here was another wrench thrown into things: Saturday marked day one of a massive heat wave we're having in New York. It was 97°F at one point, with something like 50% humidity. We were wilting and kept ducking into air conditioned stores, like FAO Schwartz.

If you think you're cuter than Amber,

We ended up in Central Park at the end (in the shade, of course).

Central Park

You can see our and other teams' photos from New York here; the London day doesn't happen until the end of the month, so we won't know the winning city for a while. It's funny how some things aim to put London and New York up against each other, and others try uniting them.

Thanks again to Faris for being the organizer and uploader! I don't even care who wins at this point, the day was fun and awesome and we got to look at things differently and with a purpose instead of wandering around the city just taking pictures aimlessly (which is also great).
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