19 July 2008

Flavorpill + absinthe

Two nights ago, I was invited to Santo's Party House to taste Flavorpill's new signature summer drink, Orange Fresh. The star ingredient was Le Tourment Vert absinthe.


When I walked down the stairs from the entrance, a table of samples in test tubes and absinthe booklets was waiting.

At the foot of the stairs

First of the night.

The stuff was pretty good and tasted very potent (not necessarily "strong," but very... something. Flavorful (ha)?).

For an hour, the lovely bartenders made a variety of cocktails with Le Tourment Vert and DJs spun. Afterwards was a party called Été D'Amour and featured the Rapture DJs & DJ Dominique. I didn't stick around for the party, but the absinthe tasting alone was worth the walk down to Chinatown. It was lovely to see some familiar faces and enjoy the drinks. "I don't think people realize that this stuff is 100 proof. People are drinking it like it's just a drink," Sascha said at one point. He was right, I began to feel wonky and left. I sauntered into a tree on the way home.

The next morning, I realized that there was a lot more in the booklet than I had thought. It unfolds into a beautifully-designed timeline history of absinthe. The other side features a bunch of different cocktails you can mix with Le Tourment Vert.

Leave behind. Looks like an innocent little card at first.

Unfolds into a thorough absinthe timeline. And cocktail recipes on the back!

Closeup. Swimming in a pool of absinthe seems tingly.

For those who weren't at the party, the timeline and recipes can be found here.
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