17 July 2008

Summer in BK

Words cannot express how much my mood changes in the summer. It's partially due to the fact that I have mild S.A.D. (who doesn't?), but I think it's mostly Brooklyn's fault. All of the best times I've had in the past two summers have dealt with Brooklyn-centered activities that took place outside. Last summer, it was the rooftop BBQ my friends had by the water. Here are some highlights from this year so far:

Dinner at River Café with my visiting parents
Brooklyn & Manhattan bridges

Walking to an outdoor restaurant after work with my roommate and close friend, Laura
A little overboard

Walking around the park
What summer in BK is like.

What summer in BK also looks like.

Seeing The Virgin Suicides this week at McCarren Park Pool (it was part of the L Magazine's Summer Screen, which I recommend checking out before they fill the pool with water again)
Filling up

Virgin Suicides

This weekend is the famed Siren Festival in Coney Island, along with yet another dodgeball, slip n' slide, food and beer-filled JellyNYC Pool Party featuring Liars, Fuck Buttons and Team Robespierre. See what I mean? Get thee to a nunnery Brooklyn this summer and you'll see what Chuck Welch meant when he said "BK to the fullest."
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