16 July 2008

Unofficial Olympic Shirt

Some exciting news from my friend Ed in Hong Kong (this Ed). The first product coming out of his side project, SCHOOL is out - the Unofficial Olympic Shirt. As he puts it:
A t-shirt that really embraces the value of the Olympics - UNITY. We haven't paid multi-million dollar sponsorship deal so you won't see rings nor mascots on any of our shirts. Instead we've woven all participating nations into one piece of fabric. 888 of these limited edition shirts were lovingly made with the finest cotton to commemorate the event opening on 08.08.08.
The design is really great: it strings all of the nations into a double helix-style design (a further symbol of us all coming together).

The shirt comes in marshmallow white, cotton candy blue and cotton candy pink.

You can get it for $45, free worldwide shipping, no tax. Pretty amazing, I love the colors, meaning and can't wait for mine. Great stuff, Ed!
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