01 August 2008


I'd like you to meet a new friend of mine.


His name is Numero; my boyfriend bought him for me when he was in Chicago last month. When I read his tag, I found out that he is a Dooodoll. His friends on the site have names like Mr. Nerdie and Coco Man, and each of them is a different zodiac sign. Numero is a Scorpio, apparently.
Talk about competitive! Numero has never lost a game or competition in his life; in fact, he wins every contest there is! He has many trophies, of course, but he carries a special one on his chest for extra luck.
It looks to me like he's screaming, "HEY I'M HERE YOU HAVE TO LISTEN TO ME RIGHT NOW." In a very endearing way, of course. According to the "doll master," Doodolls' vision is that "every Dooodoll™ we design and hand-stitch will enhance the life of its owner." I think Numero has enhanced mine for sure. I mean, look at his little face. Hand-stitched!
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