05 August 2008

Polaroid mobile

Thanks to two of my favorite people, I have a new mobile.

Thank you Jeremy & Julie!
Dylan Trees saw the mobile in California and mailed it to me. I had mentioned that I wanted to try to make one; this took care of the skeleton and left the rest up to me: it just has little clips on it, from which one can attach anything.

My pen pal, Julie, has been sending me beautiful Polaroids every now and then, for the past two years. I chose ten from my now-sizable stack and clipped them on. The whole thing is so light that even the tiniest draft from opening my door can make them flutter around like silent wind chimes.

Heartfelt thanks to both of you* for making the first thing I see when I wake up not a white ceiling and wall.

* And thank you to one Very Tall Boy for helping me with the ceiling hook and hanging it up there for me!
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