28 October 2008

Quebec / New York EFIT

Two days ago, my friend Julie and I did an EFIT (stands for ett foto i timmen, which is Swedish for a photo per hour) with our D40s. We settled on 10am-10pm on a Sunday (to ensure that every picture wouldn't be of a computer screen). It was incredibly fun, especially since I knew that someone else was being as mindful of the time as I was for the day (and approximately at the same moments). Here are three of Julie's:

Julie's EFIT - 1.21 PM

Julie's EFIT - 2.02 PM

Julie's EFIT - 3.30 PM

And three of mine:

Johanna's EFIT - 11.42

Johanna's EFIT - 18.20

Johanna's EFIT - 22.06

Another thing I liked about this project was that it made me more productive. I don't remember who told me once that going to (or doing) something – even if one just feels like being lazy – always ends up being worth it. Well, they were right. I was feeling extremely lethargic on Sunday, but rather than risk every picture being of the same thing in my apartment (and just taken from a different angle), I made myself go out and do stuff. And it was worth it. I got my bike tuned up, took a walk, made a few pots of tea and went to a music performance.

I just went back and looked at all of our pictures to see if we were ever in photograph unison (I even made sure that we were in the same time zone (I idiotically didn't know)). And we were in unison, once! 10.00am.

Julie's EFIT - 10 AM

Johanna's EFIT - 10.00

And a close 2nd – Julie at 7.29pm and me at 7.27pm:

Julie's EFIT - 7.29 PM

Johanna's EFIT - 19.27

We both intend to do another one of these soon. Try it out! (It's not required to be with two people, we just made it that way) See how /if it changes your behavior and how you see things.
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