05 November 2008


I wasn't going to update about this, because everybody has been, and I don't have anything more or different to say about it. But sometimes I go back and read old entries of this blog to see what I was thinking about "at this time last year."

So, here we go. Last night our holding company threw a party that we planned (for just us and 2 sister agencies). At one point, I was outside the venue and heard a shrill noise that sounded like a cross between a siren and someone sawing through iron. I realized that it was coming from inside. I ran in, and it was like an explosion. Screaming, arms in the air, jumping up and down, strangers hugging each other.

:] again

It was moving, literally and emotionally. All parts of it. The people there, the concession speech, the acceptance speech, the energy. I voted absentee for Florida, and was surprised to see it blue at the end (maybe I did help). Virginia also! What a change, right?
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