24 February 2009

Thinking in context

Just a quick thing I thought about upon walking into Terminal 5 tonight (for the first time, too: I looked like Dorothy when Oz blessed her with Techicolor). Right when you get through security, you're greeted with this beautiful image:

Trumpets started playing...

MUJI is one of my favorite stores, and not only because it's from Japan. I love its stark, utilitarian aesthetic and have found many a useful (and attractive) thing there – most notably their little PET travel bottles.

While we're on the topic of having to put liquids into tiny bottles (let's pretend the liquids ban here stays put for a while), and while we're also on the topic of stores in an airport (see where I'm going with this?)... Wouldn't it be cool if the store was moved a couple hundred feet to before you go through security*, so that in the case that you forgot about the liquids ban and brought your 10 oz. bottle of hair gel, you could buy some little PET bottles to transfer some of it into? You wouldn't have to throw the entire thing away (and thus also not have to worry about where you'll get your hair gel fix once you arrive at your destination).

Taking it one step further: wouldn't it be cool if this moved-200-feet MUJI store had a "liquids transfer station" inside, with cute little funnels and a sink for spills, to facilitate the transfer of said hair gel? Man, I would love that.

* Is this even allowed?
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