13 March 2009

Playboy x Paul Pope x Kid Robot

CAVEAT: There is a tiny, tiny amount of skin-showing in this post. Not very much, really, just letting you know.

Haven't seen that logo in a while.

Something I saw last week reminded me of a Kid Robot vinyl toy I fell in love with over Christmas and made myself forget about (too expensive). I went online to admire it, and it had dropped 50% in price! The next day I walked down the street to check it out, and she was in stock.

March gift to myself.

Monique St. Pierre

It is a vinyl toy of Playboy's Miss November 1978, Monique St. Pierre. She was designed by Paul Pope, who is a comic artist. His blog actually includes another sketch he drew of her from the issue's centerfold (more proceed-with-caution, but it's really good). Here is another thing he did that I love (partially because it reminds me of my friend, Gus):

What I really think is cool about this whole thing is the ability some people have to turn two-dimensional images into three-dimensional objects that don't look awkward from different angles. Here is the original cover, and another shot of the toy:

The original cover


Aside from being beautiful, the packaging has lots of great details on it... one of the box sides has snapshot information about Monique (American Express "My Life, My Card" style) – presumably from her Miss November interview. In case anybody is curious, some of her less silly turn-ons include the smell of fresh ground coffee, the whitecaps on mountains, strawberry cheesecake and thunder. Nice. I shall buy a corner shelf for her next to my coffee machine.
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