16 July 2009


My friend Kevin (from the One City Left project) just released his next exciting project: a magazine called DOCUMENT. In his words:

DOCUMENT introduction

Kevin asked me if I might write something for the debut issue, and the phrase "cultural journal" made my ears perk all the way up. At the time I was thinking a lot about how the economy was manifesting itself in culture – especially here in New York – and I had just written a thing about it. I decided to adapt and tweak the thoughts for the magazine, including newer stuff that had surfaced since I had originally written it.

When Kevin pitched the idea to me, he mentioned that the written and artistic pieces would be packaged in a slightly nontraditional way: unbound and in a box, available at different locations around Toronto. I was very excited to finally receive a copy in the mail last week.

DOCUMENT packaging

Inside the box

My article in DOCUMENT

The whole project turned out pretty great! I loved Kevin's piece about an architect who takes her inspiration from animal behavior. There are some quotes and photography sprinkled throughout as well that are 100% inspiring.

Loose leaf artwork

My favorite quote (and something I think a lot about):

Not chasing sparkles

Give DOCUMENT a visit – you can even download a PDF version. Stay tuned for Issue 2 :]
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