26 September 2011


My friend Christine did something amazing recently. I remember seeing her at a party toward the beginning of the summer, and she said that she was feeling a bit of creative unrest; that she needed to make something. Well, she did. She and her friend Dwight made a magazine, and it launched last week.

It's called Seasonzine, which, as the name suggests, is all about seasons. Each quarter, the published issue celebrates the season that is coming to an end. The inaugural issue, Summerzine, launched on the last day of summer with a fantastic party in Williamsburg.

Fuck winter, long live summer.

Summer 2003

My favorite pair of pages.

There is a ton of eye candy and wonderful writing in Summerzine. Oh and hey, I have a piece in it too! It's called 154-61, and here it is, on the right --


You can buy your very own copy here; the hard copy is $9.80 (which comes with a free digital version), and the PDF is only $0.99. I would love to see Fallzine become a reality, so I already bought a few.

So, here's the thing. I don't write about super emotional things very much anymore, because it's hard to put my thoughts into words (I have mentioned this recently). But I tried, and I submitted my best attempt at what summers in New York do to me. Reading the rest of the issue at home made me feel like someone had hit a gong right next to my ear – the ways that the other contributors wrote about their summer experiences mirrored exactly what I've been feeling all along. It was so moving to read others' tales of the unbearable heat pushing them to their limits that I didn't know what to do with myself.

Seriously, buy a copy. You won't regret it. Buy one while you can still grab on to the edges of the heat: it'll be that much more __________.
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