17 May 2012

Project 366: March

True to form, I am way late to my own party. I pretty much only remembered two things I did in March, so it was nice to have a reminder as I was putting this mosaic together.

Project 366: March

Assembling this also reminded me that the weather was pretty awesome in March. Lots of walking through the city and eating with sunlight spilling through the windows. My favorite picture of the month was hard to single out, but here we go:

86/366: The Great Frog.

26 March 2012

I had only been to London one other time, when I was fourteen or fifteen. It was when Karma Police and Bittersweet Symphony were on MTV, and all I wanted to do was visit this store since I had read that Metallica liked to buy their jewelry there. Of course I couldn't afford anything, nor did any teenager have any business owning jewelry that expensive – most of their pieces are 100% sterling silver and hand crafted on site. Fifteen years later, I found myself back in London and with an hour free; turns out my hotel was a 12 minute walk from The Great Frog. Well, my patience paid off. Click through my normal photo stream to see what I turned out with. \m/

And for all curious:

I named mickymouseears Jeffrey.

Some March highlights: Went to Cleveland. Walked around SoHo for hours a few times. Celebrated the 100th birthday of Oreo in its birthplace (Chelsea Piers, the old Nabisco Factory). Had my first boba tea of the season. Went to London for just over a day. Congratulated an old professor at a Hall of Fame ceremony. Bought some art. And ended the month with delicious, tummy warming tacos while it rained outside.

April's roundup coming very soon (shame on me)!

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