18 May 2012

Project 366: April

All right, all caught up! Here's what April looked like:

Project366: April

Choosing a favorite was as hard as doing it for March, but for unfortunately the opposite reason – I was just kind of "meh" about all of these. I wonder if that signifies any sort of fatigue with this project? I hope not (though I do plan to look through my pictures from the first half of this month to hopefully quell this suspicion).

114/366: Moncler display

23 April 2012

Saw this after grabbing lunch with an old friend/walking back to work. Perfect combination of brilliant and terrifying.

Sometimes it's tough to wrap my head around, because a picture that represents my favorite memory of the month is not always the same as my favorite picture. So while this one was the result of a very fleeting walk by a window display that stopped me dead in my tracks, the memory of cooking this meal in my apartment was by far the highlight of April.

Speaking of April highlights, here are some more: Had the time of my life singing karaoke. Got my first ASOS order. Saw massive and gel-tinted Kurt Cobain photos that made me want to be eleven years-old again. Walked to the first oyster shooter of my life with Aaron, Annie, and Vladimir (PS: delicious). Made a delicious meal. Visited home to do little other than watch crime television and eat with my parents.

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